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Tiny Town

Completed Project

In December 2020, many shelters across Victoria were forced to close due to the global pandemic, leaving our community’s most vulnerable with no other choice than to live in tent communities and parks throughout the City. Through this adversity Tiny Town was born; a safe and warm transitional housing community built from repurposed shipping containers.

With support from the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, Our Place Society and the City of Victoria—as well as over 580 citizens and corporations who contributed over $550,000—we were able to cover the costs and execute the project within just six months providing homes to 30 residents since May 2021.

Building Awareness


Estimated total impressions with media coverage from The Globe and Mail, CTV News, CBC, Times Colonist and Vic News

<6 Months

Construction completed in a record timeframe with support from citizens and local businesses


Dollars raised through the community croundfunding campaign in less than 6 months time, drawing support from 580+ donors

Want to Support?

100% of all funds raised are directed to support community initiatives and those in need. Admin and overhead costs are covered by founding partner organizations, Big Wheel Community Foundation and Aryze Developments.

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