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Building healthy, resilient and inclusive communities.

Building healthy, resilient and inclusive communities. neighbourhoods. cities.

About Us

The Good City Project is run by a managing committee with participation from each of the founding partner organizations—Big Wheel Community Foundation and Aryze Developments. We are also seeking other representatives from the community to join our team who have experience aligned with the goals of the fund, as well as other partners who share our vision for The Good City Project.

Calen McNeill
Founder, Big Wheel Burger
Community Foundation (BWBCF)

Calen is the co-owner of Zambris and Big Wheel Burger and is an avid supporter of all things related to community, food security and sustainability. As a leader in community building—and founder of Food Eco District (FED)— Calen will help identify and support upcoming projects, with a focus on rapid action and deployment. BWCF will administer and distribute the donor-advised fund.

Luke Mari
Principal, Aryze Developments

With more than 15 years experience as an urban planner, Luke advocates for diverse neighbourhoods, while utilizing our scarce land resources for more productive public spaces for all to enjoy. With numerous developments advancing all across Greater Victoria, Luke hopes to leverage these projects to help create more inclusive communities that bring people together.

Melanie Ransome
Director of Communications
& Engagement, Aryze Developments

With a background in arts and culture—and the lead for community engagement at Aryze—Melanie brings a grassroots perspective to the needs and aspirations of communities throughout the City. Melanie will help identify eligible community projects and promote the fundraising goals through storytelling and active engagement methods.

How To Get Involved

100% of all funds raised are directed to support community initiatives and those in need. Admin and overhead costs are covered by founding partner organizations, Big Wheel Community Foundation and Aryze Developments.

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If you’d like to learn more about the other projects we’re working on, or get involved, send us an email at We’d love to hear from you!