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Redfern Park Commons

Upcoming Project

In April 2023, City of Victoria Mayor and Council unanimously approved a 34-unit purpose built rental development led by Aryze, located at 1693 Fort Street in the heart of the South Jubilee Neighbourhood. Thoughtfully designed with community in mind, the collection of attainable rental homes will not only fit in with the existing neighbourhood grain, but contribute to its continued vibrancy.

Together with Big Wheel Community Foundation, The Good City Project is supporting the South Jubilee Community Association’s improvements to Redfern Park Garden. Envisioned as South Jubilee’s outdoor community gathering place, the urban garden will include edible fruit horticulture, raised beds for demonstration and education, accessible and shared seating, areas for community building and a small covered area to enjoy nature in the rain.

Fostering essential food literacy skills, educating on native horticulture and building community resilience is essential to support the liveability, economic and social health of the neighbourhood for current and future generations. In the long-term, we hope that this project will contribute to broader food security in our city.

With financial support from Aryze, Big Wheel Community Foundation and Synergy Enterprises, The Good City Project looks forward to supporting the creation of an enriched natural environment for community building.

All Funds Have Been Raised!

Thank you to everyone who donated.


Want to Support?

100% of all funds raised are directed to support community initiatives and those in need. Admin and overhead costs are covered by founding partner organizations, Big Wheel Community Foundation and Aryze Developments.

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