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Project Albero

Completed Project

Project Albero was inspired by beautiful urban cities with working harbours (like Copenhagen and Aarhus) that are lined with locals and tourists alike swimming on hot summer days.

It struck us that in Victoria we have all the bones for this lifestyle, but our public realm is disconnected from its potential for harbour recreation.

Designed to draw citizens to the water through urban planning, we took point A (the shore) and built point B (the dock) and people began to naturally connect and congregate between the two. If you ever find yourself in Banfield Park on a warm Victoria day make sure to take a look—or a dip!

Making Waves


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Community letters sent to the Federal Government in support of the project

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100% of all funds raised are directed to support community initiatives and those in need. Admin and overhead costs are covered by founding partner organizations, Big Wheel Community Foundation and Aryze Developments.

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