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Fifth Street Playground & Daycare

Upcoming Project

In April 2021, Aryze completed Ross Terrace—a 65 unit purpose-built rental building located at 2570 Fifth Street. Now fully leased, the ground floor commercial space features a locally-owned and operated daycare, Compass Childcare.

The completion of Ross Terrace signified the evolution of Quadra Village; a centrally located and well-connected neighbourhood that has room to grow. Aryze has now begun construction of 1025 Kings Road (another purpose-built rental building right next door!), but that’s not all.

Together with The City of Victoria and SD61, The Good City Project is supporting the construction of a natural playground in the vacant field directly right next door. that will encourage curiosity and open-air exploration.

With Compass Childcare located right next door, children will be able to utilize this playspace throughout the day, along with the neighbourhood’s families. This park has been a heavily requested amenity by community members.

With financial support from Aryze and The City of Victoria, all funds have been raised for this new playground amenity.

$250,000 Goal

Funds Raised - $250,000


The designs for the playground are now being reviewed by The City of Victoria planning staff, with progress to begin in 2023.

Want to Support?

100% of all funds raised are directed to support community initiatives and those in need. Admin and overhead costs are covered by founding partner organizations, Big Wheel Community Foundation and Aryze Developments.

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